May 24, 2011

[Bali] Clio Apartment, Seminyak

last week, my family went to Bali for a family vacation.. it's been a long time since our last vacation together.. apparently deciding where to stay is not a simple problem.. you have to consider the budget and other family member's need.. and when it comes to searching those beautiful places, my mom and bro left it all to me.. such a hard job! luckily, my friend told me about this place, called Clio Apartment located in the heart of the exotic Seminyak area in Bali..

looking at their website, I instantly fell in love and by reading the reviews in trip advisor, we decided to try staying there.. Clio Apartment is located in Mangga alley, a small lane right next to the famous Cafe Moka in Seminyak.. and when I say small, it means really small that it only fitted one car.. it was rather hidden and no big banner saying where Clio is.. luckily, we managed to find it here's the front look of Clio Apartment..

we rented two Studio room (Rp500,000 per night per room), one for me and mom, the other one was for my brother.. let's go to the room.. first thing I noticed was the huge bed and the spacious room.. it looked exactly like those in the website, which was relieving.. the decoration is very modern and  comfy, very pleasing.. I instantly fell in love.. in our studio room, besides bed, we were provided with a small kitchen with the utensils, so my mom can boil some hot water to make her morning coffee and night tea.. we also provided with a huge sofa bed and a working table.. their concept is open-room, that's why only the toilet inside our room has a door while the shower, located right next to our little kitchen, has no door and only bath curtain.. 

as part of their service, Clio Apartment provided complimentary breakfast, consisted of a bowl of tropical fruits and a cup of coffee/tea.. unfortunately, the fruits provided were bland and I don't like it at all.. so basically my breakfast in the hotel was a cup of coffee.. haha.. it was not a big deal for me, since I have prepared my stomach for Balinese cuisine haha..

CLIO Hotel
Jln. Raya Seminyak Gang Mangga No. 7
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia


  1. hi! Thanks for the reviews. Its interesting to read on!
    Review tentang clio ini bikin gw tertarik buat stay there during holidays, so I got some question.. Sorry if its bothering you..
    Lokasi clio apakah sulit dijangkau? Untuk walking distance selain cafe moka apa banyak another food paradise?
    Thaanks. :)

  2. Hi Elisa.. salam kenal yaa..
    um, kalo pake mobil sih, mungkin rada susah karena jalannya cuma muat satu mobil aja, jadi kalo ada mobil dr arah berlawanan rada repot hehe..
    clio ini deket banget sama jalan raya seminyak (ga sampe 5 menit jalan deh) yang banyak banget makanannyaa (one of it is Cafe Moka).. unfortunately, I havent tried other restaurants around, cuma sempet ke Cafe Moka sama Made's Warung aja.. jd ga tau ya seminyak itu food paradise apa engga :)
    hope it'll help yaa.. feel free to ask further :D

  3. Thanks infonya Cilla!
    Memang ntar rencananya ga bawa mobil dan bakal naek taksi kemana2, jadi buat masuk ke gang sih ga masalah. Hehe
    But,overall do you recommend staying there?
    Sorry for asking more and more question.. :p

  4. hahhaa.. that's okaay..

    um... the place is recommended.. kamarnya luas dan kasurnya empuk.. cozy banget sih.. cuma service nya rada kurang ya.. klo gw pribadi sih don't mind at all.. karna emang cuma buat tidur aja :)

  5. Hai cilla..
    thanks for the review clio apartment
    oktober ini gw ada rencana ke bali dan menginap di clio ini..
    ya dari awal gw uda tertarik sama model apartment, karena gw pake buat spot foto prewed..overall kamarnya agak kecil ya dan kamar mandinya ya bgitulah...agak kurang private
    dan tentu saja breakfastnya...fruit and coffee/tea

  6. Hi cilla,
    thks ya review nya, gue googling dan sampai kesini.. rencana mau nginep disini tahun dpn. dibanding blog lain fotonya lengkap :) very helpful thx!

  7. Top markotop deh Clio, ak book nih hotel pas last minutes banget, lihat gambar di webnya langsung suka, pas sampai wow keren, bersih, staffnya friendly banget, dekat kalo mau shopping atau cari makanan, tinggal jalan keluar gangnya, jadi duit dak kebuang buat ongkos taxy.

  8. Hi all.. thanks for visiting yaaaa... Clio is recommended for me :D



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