May 23, 2011

Kopi Luwak

I'm such a big coffee fan.. I always find coffee as relaxing and nice :) I think my previous job as an auditor made me find coffee as an alternative to fight sleepiness since I have a long working hours.. I would like to introduce you to one of Indonesia's special coffee which is kopi luwak (civet coffee).. kopi is Indonesian language for coffee while luwak is Indonesian name for Asian Palm Civet.. 

now, civet coffee was made from coffee beans which has been digested by luwak.. confused already? haha.. so basically the civets eat coffee beans then coffee beans got passed through their digestion process and come out as part of their pup *euhh*.. turns out that civets' digestion process brings unique flavor the the coffee beans.. 

my mom is another big fan of coffee, so during our window-shopping time, we sneaked to a coffee shop called Kopi Luwak, specializing of course in kopi luwak.. since it was on Oprah Winfrey Show, people all over the world has recognized it as one of the best coffee in the world, costing almost USD85 per cup.. in Kopi Luwak, we can pick between original kopi luwak (Rp85,000 per cup) or kopi luwak gold blend (Rp19,500).. how can it be so much different in price? well, because original kopi luwak made from 100% kopi luwak and the gold blend only consisted of 5% kopi luwak.. since it was a try, my mom picked the gold blend kopi luwak.. and guess what she say? of course, it was delicious and very rich in taste..

I decided to pick something lighter.. a little more youthful haha.. it's Mocha Rhum (Rp27,500) which was a mix of mocha coffee and rhum topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. it was delightful and nice.. I love rhum so much since it just gives the drink a very unique, likable flavor.. the coffee is also great, it smelled really nice and tasted nice as well..
to accompany our coffee time, I picked Spicy Tuna Salad (Rp26,500).. it's not a really suitable companion, eh? haha.. I just thought of picking it since I was craving for salad so much.. the salad is nice.. generous tuna which was spiced really nicely.. I love their spicy sauce :) 

overall, I had a great experience in Kopi Luwak.. nice coffee and nice food as well with affordable price.. and it's 100% Indonesian, how I love Indonesian products :)

Kopi Luwak
Central Park, LG #160 Floor
Jl. S. Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 - 5698 5251


  1. How great it is to be able to taste one coffee is better than the other. To me they're all the same, civet or no civet. haha.

    1. Have you ever tried Kopi Luwak. It is a very unique coffee.



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