May 22, 2011


it's a brand that everybody has been familiar with since it started opening their stores all over malls in Jakarta and has expanded their business to Singapore.. quite a proud thing for us Indonesian to export something to our neighbor country, than just keep importing foreign brands :) it's been a while since I visited J.Co.. it was back when I was still a college student and J.Co was such a hit, my friends and I used to come here once in a while to buy their donuts.. 

anyway, during our wandering around Central Park, we spotted J.Co in the main atrium.. we were not so hungry and planned not to have dinner.. but something in J.Co attracted my bf.. it was J.Co's sandwich haha.. it's called J.Club.. their sandwich is different since instead of using bread, they use their donut as the bread, filled with various toppings.. bf picked J.Club Sausage Sandwich (Rp9,500), which turned out to be quite nice haha.. the donut didn't taste sweet, instead it tasted rather salty, but still fluffy like J.Co's typical donuts.. I think it's a nice snack to have when you're not too hungry :)

as we were sitting in J.Co, my eyes got me seduced.. so I ordered a couple portion of J.Cool to share.. I noticed in their menu that they have yogurt with selection of plain, mango and berries.. I thought that mango and berries were flavored yogurt, but it turned out that it was the plain yogurt plus mango/berries jam.. kinda disappointed, but I have placed my order.. so I got JCool mango with strawberry mochi, longan and choco caviar (Rp28,000).. I love their choco caviar though it was not the perfect match to yogurt but it just tasted delicious :)

Central Park, Ground Floor
Jl. S. Parman Kav. 28
West Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 - 5698 5056

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