May 21, 2011

[Revisit] Nanny's Pavilion, the Terrace

another visit made to Nanny's Pavilion.. it's always been a pleasure for me to visit this restaurant.. maybe I'm overrating it, but I just love their decoration so much.. the food is also delicious and affordable.. so on a bright sunny Saturday, bf and I went to Central Park and decide to have lunch here.. 

I was so in love with their blueberry lemonade (Rp20,000) from my previous visit that I ordered it again.. actually I tend to order something that I already fell in love with, than trying something new haha.. bf ordered blueberry milkshake (Rp22,000), for he's such a fan of milkshake.. their blueberry lemonade is as refreshing as I remember.. I don't fancy the blueberry milkshake though, it's just (IMHO) blueberry and shaken milk were not supposed to be together.. *even the small pot of flower in our table matched our drinks :D

for lunch, I decided to try their selection of waffle.. and I picked my grandma chicken pesto waffle (Rp24,000).. it's a piece of waffle topped with chicken and pesto then melted cheese.. and here I went fallen in love again haha.. thought it was only one piece of waffle, it turned out to be very fulfilling.. 

anyway, I love eating western food with additional spices, included crushed chili and tabasco sauce.. and of course a little chili sauce would be better :) it looks even more appetizing to me :D

bf was looking for more "heavy" meal so he thought about rice.. I suggested him kim's tuna with rice (Rp34,000) that I ordered previously and he obeyed haha.. when it came, he directly told me that it was such a small portion.. after his first bite, he admitted that it was delicious, though he wanted more haha..

of course, we just can't miss the dessert here.. so we ordered linda's roll pancake (Rp29,000) to share.. it consisted of rolled pancake filled with peanut butter jam and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.. are you drooling already? because it's delicious!! I LOVE IT.. I'm actually not a fan of peanut butter, but this one definitely stole my heart :)

overall, we had a happy and fulfilling dining experience here.. don't forget that the price stated does not include tax 10% and service charge 5.5%.. but I guess the meal worth every Rupiah spent, the service was excellent and the decoration was just perfect :)

Nanny's Pavilion, The Terrace
Sogo Central Park Ground Floor
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28 
West Jakarta 11470
Phone: (+62)21 569 8570 

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