May 11, 2011

Found in Surabaya Only

I think this would be my last post about Surabaya haha.. I always thought of Surabaya as a city full of culinary experience.. you can go to every corner of it and find some unique dishes.. if I have to mark several dishes that has been Surabaya's trademark, it would be rujak cingur, tahu campur and kupang lontong.. 

well, here's the so-called best rujak cingur in Surabaya.. this restaurant is located in a corner of Delta Plaza, called Depot Rujak Cingur.. kinda hard to find, especially when you're a tourist haha.. my mom, my aunt and I ordered  a portion of rujak cingur and tahu campur to share.. 

let me remind you that rujak cingur is a mixed of fruits and vegetables with petis and peanut sauce, lastly added with cingur (cow's nose).. while tahu campur is a mix of yellow noodle, lettuce, sliced tofu and lentho (cassava patty, tasted chewy but soft) then served with broth mixed with petis.. I'm not a fan of petis actually, it's just too tasty for my tongue haha.. so I picked tahu campur as the winner.. the broth was just so delicious, though it was mixed with petis..

Rujak Cingur - Rp22,000
*sorry about the picture, we're quite hungry that my aunt directly stir the rujak cingur and I took it kinda blurry :(
Tahu Campur - Rp17,000

my aunt's house is located near Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC) in newly developed West Surabaya area.. so we spent one night having dinner at PTC food court.. as we're still looking for Surabaya's special dish, my aunt suggested to order a plate of kupang lontong to share.. she told me that it's delicious and is my uncle's favorite dish in Surabaya.. I've heard of this dish before and also read that some people find it quite disgusting..

well, kupang itself is a very small clams.. while kupang lontong is rice cake served with kupang and kupang broth.. so, I tasted a spoon of it and to be honest, it was not as bad as it looked haha.. we add lime juice to it and it turns out to be refreshing.. I actually like the broth and the whole meal.. my mom dislike it though, she thought that it was rather disgusting and unedible haha.. 
Kupang Lontong

Depot Rujak Cingur
Surabaya Plaza (Delta Plaza)
Jl. Pemuda 31-37, Surabaya
Ph.: 6231 - 531 5088

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