Jun 11, 2012

Lucy in the Sky

another new hip in town.. located in the busy SCBD area, this place is surely a gem in the middle of Jakarta's skyscrapers.. people today are not looking only for good food, but for one-of-a-kind eating experience.. like others, I was curious to eat on a roof-top, though it was just a two-floor building.. made a promise with my friend to meet him after office hour, I managed to arrive around 8.30 p.m.. had a little things to do at office haha.. as we entered the building, I can't help but feel that this building was quite old and rusty.. 

Lucy in the Sky is located right on the roof-top of what used to be Bengkel Cafe.. the eatery was quite full but not packed with people.. we managed to get a table for two, but unfortunately it was only available until 10 p.m.. another disappointment of highly demanded eatery these days.. I actually love the atmosphere here.. cozy and relaxing with dimmed lights.. just the kind of place I could enjoy and spend hours.. I love seeing the tall buildings' lights at night.. I just have this weird obsession on building lights at night haha..

off to the menu, Lucy in the Sky does not offer various menu.. I reckon there must not more than 15 food menu available but covered Western and Asian selection.. I was not too hungry so I decided to have turkey sandwich (Rp55,000) and iced peach tea (Rp25,000).. my friend ordered nasi goreng buntut - oxtail fried rice (Rp60,000) and iced strawberry tea (Rp25,000)..

it didn't take long for our drinks and food to arrive.. when my turkey sandwich arrived, I was quite disappointed by the look.. no veggies or any side dish at all, only french bread with turkey ham.. luckily, taste wise, it was good.. I love the taste of savory ham combined with the sweet cranberries jam..  somehow they just blend so well in my mouth.. but still, I do wish some veggies in my sandwich.. a piece or two of lettuce wouldn't hurt, would they?

the oxtail fried rice was not too appealing either.. the fried rice was served with sunny side up, pickles and crackers.. my friend was actually expecting some soup, but there wasn't any.. but after first bite, I really stopped complaining.. it was good and so tasty.. we believed they cooked the rice with the broth, since it was really, really savory.. even the pickles were very tasty.. I directly regret ordering the sandwich..

the flavor iced tea was refreshing.. not too sweet and quite generous on the fruit toppings.. it worth the price, in my opinion.. well, overall, I actually had a great time here.. the service was quite good, though I got the feeling that they were all in a rush.. quickly took our orders then delivering our food.. lastly, rush to clean our tables.. a little disappointing for a 11% service charge.. 

Lucy in the Sky
Kawasan SCBD Lot 14
Bengkel Night Park
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
Ph.: 6221 515 2308/09

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  1. this place has a unique name, thank you for the review, anyway. i'm looking a restaurant for my hubby's bday dinner for 17 august, this one looks nice :) punya rekomen kah tempat makan yg worth to try? pengen nya sih yg ala ala sky dining gt. thanks ^^

    Janice Dirga ^.^



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