Jun 5, 2012

Bluegrass - Bar & Grill

another new eatery that everyone's been talking about.. Bluegrass is definitely a new hip place for Jakarta's hungry and demanding community.. located in the heart of Kuningan area, this place has been on my must-visit list for a while.. thank God I finally got the opportunity to visit this eatery with a friend, right after we were run out of red velvet cake at Union.. we were quite blessed as the traffic was quite friendly to us.. 

arriving at Bluegrass around 4.30 p.m, we were asked to be seated in the non-smoking area.. the waiter directly told us that our table is only available until 6p.m.. oh my God, I wonder why almost every restaurant has to limit our seating time these days.. it's actually quite annoying looking at the time we arrived, the restaurant was almost empty.. 

so anyway, since it was late afternoon, we decided to have some light bites.. our main purpose going here was to try their famous rainbow cake (Rp60,000) so it was on top of our list haha.. and as we looked for some savory menu, my friend remembered that the bluegrass wings (Rp55,000) was good.. then, he also remembered that he fell in love with their puff pastry brie (Rp60,000).. looks like it's not just some light bites haha.. to accompany our meals, I went for their coffee selection, cappucinno (Rp30,000) while my friend picked sencha ice (Rp20,000)..

I love the way my cappucinno was presented.. a cute heart shaped foam in a minimalist black cup on a tray.. a glass of plain water was also served.. such a cute presentation.. his sencha ice was rather colorless and tasteless.. I even thought it was iced water on first sight haha..

then our food came! bluegrass wings consisted of 12 pieces of chicken wings with home-made mayonnaise dipping sauce.. those are yummy.. the chicken wings were already grilled with BBQ sauce which was very tasty, and adding their mayonnaise would just make it even better.. puff pasty brie was a cheese filled puff pastry served with blueberry sauce, served hot.. when you cut the puff pasty, the melted cheese directly come out.. so be quick, eat the melted cheese with the pastry and blueberry sauce, it was a heaven on earth! I love everything about this dish.. not a sweet dish, but definitely has won my heart..

lastly to come is our rainbow cake.. a colorful six-stack of sponge cake.. the colors were really bright.. first bite, it was good.. sweet and moist sponge cake with sour lemon cream in between.. but after the first bite, I lost the goodness in the cake.. it was just another sponge cake, only with colors.. too bright colors, I must say.. 

overall, Bluegrass is a nice place.. well decorated with good food.. the service was not excellent but still acceptable for me.. all price stated above is subject to service charge 10% and tax 10%..

Bluegrass - Bar & Grill
Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
South Jakarta 12940
Ph.: 6221 2994 1660
Fax: 6221 2994 1661

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