Jul 13, 2012

Bonchon Chicken

it was another fast food-chain selling Korean style of chicken, Bonchon Chicken.. with the tagline "it's not just a chicken, it's Bonchon Chicken", the restaurant claimed to offer not only crunchy but also healthy chicken.. why is so? the chicken is double fried using special soy garlic sauce to make it free of trans fat and oil but still offers delicious crunchy chicken.. 

curious about their chicken, I decided to visit their Citywalk branch during lunch hour, since its location which was quite near from my office.. the restaurant was really packed, perhaps because the strategic location.. I remember the queue was long and while queuing, we were asked about our orders in a little piece of paper  by a waiter.. so once we reach the counter, we only need to hand over the paper without repeating our orders..

I decided to try their chicken
box (Rp29,545) and added with their power packet (Rp10,000).. the chicken box is the restaurant specialty, consisted of chicken, available with choices of wings, drums, thigh, strips and mix and regular or spicy sauce; rice/fries and drinks.. I picked the chicken wings, with spicy sauce and fries.. the power packet consisted of Bonchon bites and 2 pieces of mochi, I picked the mocha flavor.. 

while the cashier repeated my order, I noticed that she did not mention that I want fries, instead of rice, so I reminded her.. turned out that the waiter who wrote down my orders forgot to write that I want fries.. looking quite upset, the cashier directly blame the waiter right in front of me and asked her supervisor to void the previous order inputted.. not quite a good impression there.. after finishing the payment at the cashier, I received a table number then wait for the orders to be delivered to my table.. 

not long after I was seated, a waiter delivered my chicken wing box.. he then wanted to take my table number, which I directly object since my power packet had not arrived.. he noticed and asked whether I wanted it right away or after meal and I told him I want it right away.. so, the chicken wings surely looked appetizing.. the golden brown-ish crunchy chicken wings and fat french fries were pleasing in my eyes.. however, I found their chicken wings was not as rich in taste as it looked.. it was crunchy outside and tender inside, as expected.. but I didn't feel any kick in my tongue while eating..

I almost finish my chicken wings but my power packet had not arrived.. while all of my lunch-mates' orders had arrived.. it took me three times to ask where my power packet and received the similar answer of "please wait for a sec".. the power packet still had not arrived until a waiter asked me my receipt, ensuring that I had actually bought the power packet.. he intended to take it and showed his supervisor but I refused, saying that I need that receipt as a proof that I have bought the power packet in case another waiter asked for it.. only after that, my power packet finally arrived.. 

the Bonchon bites was hot, so I assumed that it was newly fried.. taste-wise, they were quite good, but my mood seemed to be ruined already that I did not enjoy my meal.. luckily, the mochi was good.. it was ice-cream wrapped in mochi and tasted really yummy.. a good dessert indeed..

overall, I had a not-so-pleasing eating experience at Bonchon Chicken.. the food actually was quite good, but the service had definitely turn down any option of coming back.. I do hope that Bonchon Chicken can improve their service to prevent repeats of anything like my experience..

Bonchon Chicken
Citiwalk Sudirman, Ground Floor
Jl. K.h Mas Mansy
ur 121
Jakarta 10220
Ph.: 6221 255 56620

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