Jul 15, 2012

Brownies Gandum

looking for a healthy yet delicious dessert? well, this might be your lucky day.. Brownies Gandum offers the popular, yummy brownies cake, made from whole wheat flour and palm sugar, making the cake not only delicious but also healthy.. I guessed the time has come for us to pay attention to both taste and health ingredients.. people nowadays are very concern about the healthy cuisine..

last week, my boss bought this cake, delivered to our office.. I supposed it's just a way to treat his staffs since we all have to endure the pain of long working hours in office haha.. good trick, boss! Brownies Gandum available in options of classic, chocolate lava, cheese and raisin.. for a 30x10-size chocolate lava cake, it costed Rp75,000 (exclude delivery charge).. it was quite expensive compare to other brownies, especially those we can easily buy from Bandung.. however remembering the quality of ingredients, I think it was kinda worth it.. well, I didn't pay anyway, so no problem at all haha.. as I lift the cake, I was quite surprised to find it very heavy.. I suppose this should relate to the "whole wheat flour" ingredients used.. here's how it looked..

I am the one who cut it, a housewife talent is indeed in me? :-P

see those mouth watering melting chocolate? *dying*

so, how did it taste? it was delicious! the cake was moist and quite heavy.. my stomach got full just by having one slice of it.. the sweetness level was just right for my taste buds.. some of you would find the taste of palm sugar a bit weird, just like some of my friends.. but after another piece, they started to love it and took some more.. the highlight of the cake would definitely be the melting chocolate.. it tasted a bit bitter, but kinda balanced the sweetness taste of the cake.. it was really way beyond my expectation..

Brownies Gandum
Ph.: 628 7777 8800 77


  1. bisa buat diet nih kayanya... chocolate meltingnya tempting banget :p


  2. yes indeed.. it was really good.. ga ngerasa bsalah waktu makan :P

  3. oh my God that melted chocolate!! :9

  4. Oh my God! I love your boss!!! Gimme some work over the weekend too, so I can get these hehee =P

    1. hahahaa.. he's bribing! it should be considered illegal haha.. but it was that good siiihh.. jadi rela

  5. kayaknya struktur browniesnya goeey gitu yah? dingin2 makin enak deh sprtnya



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