Aug 18, 2012

[Revisit] Kitchenette

it's been a while since I actually post something in this blog.. blame it to the mounting work loads at office and a little laziness inside haha.. I'm trully sorry, but I promised I write some more soon.. well, back to business.. a few weeks ago, I had a meeting with my old friends and we decided to have brunch at Kitchnette branch in Central Park Mall.. a quite friendly location for all of us, who mostly lives around West Jakarta area..

it was brunch time and I decided to have something light, tasty and definitely not their gallettes.. so from Uncle Raul's Spanish Tapas, I picked oven baked mushrooms with melted garlic butter (Rp39,000) accompanied by freshly squeezed strawberry juice (Rp26,000).. it didn't take long for my food to arrived.. a very appealing look of baked mushrooms drenched in creamy garlic butter sauce, topped with baguettes.. and thank God, it tasted awesome.. the garlic butter sauce was very light.. it was yummy and not overwhelming.. I also love the crunchy baguettes.. I must say it was a hearty dish, very fulfilling and definitely be on my re-order list when I came back.. my strawberry juice was served chilled and it was very sour.. quite a surprise for my empty belly.. but I did feel the spirit of their freshly squeezed term..

as full as your tummy may be, there will always be a space for some desserts.. and when my friend offered to share a portion of Kitchenette's groovy checkered cake (Rp35,000), I just couldn't resist.. it was actually another rainbow cake, which was re-arranged to a checkered form.. as expected, it tasted just like another sponge cake with bright color.. my friend felt that this was a left-over cake from the previous day.. luckily, the cream cheese saved the dish.. it was really yummy, at least some bright side..

overall, I had a hearty dish.. good friends with good food was a perfect match made in heaven.. definitely gonna put oven baked mushrooms in my re-order list when I made my next visit.. I noticed that their Central Park branch has a great decoration, which was so comfortable that I felt like I'm in my own friend's kitchen.. moreover, the service was very good and helpful :)

Central Park, Tribeca G Fl Unit PAV 3 A
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta
Ph.: 6221 5698 8888

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