Jul 11, 2012

Lau's Kopitiam

kopitiam is definitely mushrooming all over Jakarta, almost like a trend.. different brand offers different menu.. personally, I perfer kopitiam to  Western coffee shops as a hang out place.. more affordable prices and more Asian culinary menu are definitely the main reasons.. a few weeks ago, I visited Mall Puri Indah then noticed Lau's Kopitiam at one corner.. I have heard about it quite some time, but never got the chance to visit.. so I decided to have afternoon coffee with my mom there.. the place is quite empty when we arrived, simply decorated with wooden chairs with red cushions accessorized by hints of vintage here and there.. 

we ordered a cup of kopi susu (Rp11,304) each and a portion of black fried carrot cake (Rp16,521) to share.. it didn't take long for our orders to arrive (plus one for the service).. the coffee arrived in the cute, vintage cup.. I think almost all kopitiams serve coffee in a similar cup.. the coffee smelled so good and tasted good as well.. my mom, as my coffee expert, loved the coffee.. she preferred her coffee to be unsweetened, simply black and bitter.. I, on the other hand, preferred to add a little sugar, since I can't stand the bitterness of black coffee.. the black fried carrot cake tasted quite good but not outstanding.. the portion was very huge that we had trouble finishing the whole plate.. perhaps I should just stick to their toast selections as fried carrot cake was not really a matching companion for coffee haha..

overall, I think Lau's Kopitiam offers various types of food with a very affordable prices.. good coffee and good tasted food.. this place surely knows what can keep visitors coming.. 

Lau's Kopitiam
Mall Puri Indah
Lobby Barat Ground Floor No. 72



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