Jul 9, 2012

[Revisit] Bluegrass - Bar & Grill

as I was quite impressed by their food on my first visit, so I decided to come back for some more delicacies offered by Bluegrass.. it was Monday afternoon, I was taking leave and with my mom and brother heading to the Kuningan area.. I didn't know that Jakarta's traffic on Monday afternoon was horrible, it took me more than 1 hour to reach Bluegrass.. tiring journey, indeed.. 

well, as we arrived around 2p.m, the place was quite empty.. I love empty restaurants, it just gave a more comfortable feeling, and the waiters become more attentive.. as we went through the menu, we decided to share two main courses and one appetizer.. our choices were nacho supreme (Rp50,000), pull pork sandwich  (Rp70,000) and steak sampler - veal bratwurst (Rp30,000), pork wienner (Rp30,000), BBQ chicken (Rp20,000) and roasted vegetables (Rp20,000).. for drinks, my mom picked americano coffee (Rp20,000), I picked coffee latte (Rp30,000) while my brother picked the joker (Rp40,000) which is a combination of crushed fresh apples and kiwis, mixed with kiwi and apple syrup and topped with soda water...

coffee latte - the joker - americano
the coffee was good.. my mom's americano smelled good and tasted quite strong.. my coffee latte was a bit milder, with more milk.. I love the presentation so much and the cute glass for my latte is definitely a plus point.. the star of the drinks would be my brother's joker.. it was sour and very refreshing.. especially during one hot day in Jakarta.. it is indeed a genius idea to combine kiwis and green apples.. thumbs up for the joker.. if I got the chance of coming back, that would definitely be my choice :)

nacho supreme
nacho supreme came not long after our drinks arrived.. a good point, I must say that nacho supreme really served as appetizer.. however, I was a bit shocked looking at the serving size, four pieces of two-bite-size nacho for a price of Rp50,000.. it means that each nacho cost us Rp12,500 plus tax and service.. wow, it was one pricey appetizer.. luckily, it was very delicious.. I think one of the best nacho I have ever tasted in Jakarta.. the fillings were generous.. however, the tomato salsa was not outstanding, a bit too sweet for my liking.. 

pull pork sandwich + sweet potato fries
actually the pull pork sandwich was my choice to share with my mom.. the sandwich, or more like a burger to me, came in a huge portion.. the pull pork was served between mayonnaise and coleslaw salad.. it was served with either french fries or sweet potato fries.. my choice was sweet potato fries.. the taste? it was delicious! best dish of the day.. the pull pork was actually shredded pork BBQ which was cooked for hours, making the meat very tender and tasty.. I love how the spices were blended so well with the tender meat.. and the sweet potato fries only made the dish even better.. fat fries with a hint of sweet in the middle was a nice companion :) only if they would add some more fries haha..

steak sampler
so it was my brother's lunch.. the steak sampler consisted of veal bratwurstpork wiennerBBQ chicken and roasted vegetables.. the meats were served with home-made mayonnaise, which tasted unique and addictive.. the sausages were quite big and crunchy, just the way I would want them.. the BBQ chicken was just okay, and not special at all.. the star of this dish, strangely, was the roasted vegetables.. consisted of mushrooms, carrots, eggplants, zucchini and onions, it definitely exceeded my expectations.. well seasoned and freshly roasted.. healthy and yummy :)

overall, my second visit to Bluegrass was pleasing.. a much better service was provided to me compared to my first visit.. then, combine it with a calm, tranquil eatery.. I would definitely love to come back.. 

Bluegrass - Bar & Grill
Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
South Jakarta 12940
Ph.: 6221 2994 1660
Fax: 6221 2994 1661

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