May 19, 2012

[Revisit] Go!Curry

I was really, really impressed with their curry.. you can tell by the frequency I visit this place after my first.. it was when my brother came visiting Indonesia that I eagerly brought him here.. it's a must visit, so I said.. I'm not a really creative person and just like my previous visit, I decided -again- to share their Rogan Josh curry with cilantro butter rice and Tandoor chicken tika (Rp56,000) with my mother but this time, I chose the "very hot" level since their hot version was not really that hot for me.. despite being warned by the waiter, I still managed to stick to my choice haha.. my brother, on the other hand, decided to try their green curry, hot with yellow nut rice and zesty chicken (Rp56,000).. to accompany our meals, creme caramel tea (Rp26,000) for me and pineapple lime mojito (Rp25,000) for him..

Rogan Josh curry was still as good as I remembered, though I think the portion was a little bit less than my first one.. lots of herbs in it and a perfect match with their cilantro butter rice.. it's like a perfect combination for my tongue.. well, apparently, their "very hot" level was way beyond the "hot" one.. so it was really hot for me, though I was still able to finish it without tearing hahaha.. but, poorly my brother couldn't even eat more than one spoon of it haha.. it was very spicy with lots of chili and pepper, but yum yum.. my brother's green curry was even spicier.. though it was just a "hot" level, we were told that the base for green curry was green chilies, that's why there's no mild green curry.. poor little brother haha.. anyway he did manage to finish his meal but not the whole curry.. the yellow rice was very nice, fragrant and tasty.. I, personally, loved both types of curry.. 

unfortunately, I did not find my creme caramel tea too appealing.. I think I made a wrong choice of drink.. it was a glass of ice tea with milk which turned out to be a little too weird for my tongue.. my brother's choice of drink was way better than mine.. a very refreshing pineapple juice with soda and crushed mint leaves was such a treat for our tongue after our spicy meals.. I have put notes to myself to order it for my next visit..

I told my brother that Jakarta was in a red velvet and rainbow cake fever.. lucky for him, Go!Curry also serves red velvet cake (Rp45,000) which we ordered with no hesitant.. it was a three-layer home-made red velvet cake with cream cheese fillings and candied sprinkles on top.. we were told that the red color of the cake was obtained from beet as natural coloring so we need not to worry.. first bite and I'm in love.. my mom even said that it's better than Union's.. moist cake balanced with delicious cream cheese and oh those sweet sprinkles, it was such a joy for my tongue.. I love everything about this cake.. its sweetness level and cake texture definitely had won my heart..

Pacific Place Mall 4th Floor
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta 12190
Ph.: 6221 5140 2750

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